For years Ghost Dog (Alpha) existed as a “skunk works” of ad-hoc teams of talented individuals doing incredible things under impossible deadlines. These "tiger teams" have consulted on projects for some of the largest brands in the world across a number of disciplines. Discretion was a core aspect of the business strategy and served our clients well, but obviously got in the way of sharing with others what was being built.

The time for #stealth is over; we are working on way too much cool stuff to keep it to ourselves.

Hi, my name is Ken. As a serial-entrepreneur and self-styled "modern samurai", I founded GD(A) in 2007. That founding had a single purpose; make a living using my wide areas of interest to solve cool problems with awesome people.

I have to admit, it's still a blast.

These days GD(A) is working hard to bring our own ideas to life, but we are still open to partnerships with select clients when we fit together. Helping others achieve their goals is a great way to enhance skills and broaden interpersonal networks.

I suggest you take a look at the blog then go ahead and use the icon in the corner to get in touch. Media inquiries, feedback and client inquiries are all welcome.