We let the (alpha) dogs out.

For a long time now Ghost Dog Alpha (GDA) has existed as a sort of “skunk works” consisting of myself and a loose team of colleagues. Under that umbrella, we consulted for many agencies on projects for some of the largest brands in the world across a number of disciplines. That stealth was a core aspect of our business strategy and served us incredibly well.

The time for stealth is over. We have way too much cool stuff to share to stay in the shadows anymore.

GDA is evolving as we redefine for ourselves what it means to be a creative studio these days. We have projects in-house for ourselves and clients as I type involving robotics, video production, broadcasting, and app development. Those things should seem disconnected, but somehow it all dovetails perfectly well. Something amazing happens when you can span all those possibilities.

Lastly, while we are doubling down on our internal projects, I want to be clear that we are happy to help great clients doing cool stuff. Just get in touch, and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Samurai Ken

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Samurai Ken

Serial-entrepreneur and Modern Samurai, Ken has spent the last few decades building narratives, software, machines, and companies. He has a passion for constantly improving himself and helping others to do the same.